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My son and I brought my 2000 Dodge Caravan to Pronto,Brunswick,Maine.We were asked to go to the waking area while they performed the service,where immediately the manager began complaining about his job.I asked him if they could check my air filter,he asked the tech if he would and the tech said,"no I can't,it would take at least 5 minutes." To which the manager said,"oh,OK.",turned back to us and continued complaining about his job until they were finished with my van! As we were walking to my van the tech was at the door,staring me down all the way!I was HUMILIATED,angry as ***!

When I got home I looked at my itemized receipt and found they had checked off that they had checked my air filter! Even after the tech had refused to! They also checked other things off that they didn't do! I've been going to that Pronto for 14 years,and now I won't go back.

My wife won't be back. I drive for a local taxi company so guess who else won't be back!!!

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Bangor Promto is just as bad, said they did things they didn't, said washed windshield never did, checked wiper blades never did. left my hood have closed I asked for the main office number to complain and was told that they don't give it out and wanted mine so they could call me.

I refused told them I did not give my number out as I don't know what kind of people would call. very poor service and the employees where scruffy looking.

Cost me more than if I had gone to the dealer where I bought 2016 KIA SERENTO. Vansycle evens washes my kia and gives it a total inspection for less than I paid at Promto on Broadway in Bangor ME.

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